Day 9:Winter items you can’t live without…

I’m not known for being chilly. So, if I’m cold it is either genuinely freezing or I’m feeling a bit poorly, or sad. Because of this there aren’t many winter items that I would say are essential to my existence. That said there are few little things that make winter life that little bit more bearable.

Although I’m not a very cold person, I do go in for a scarf. However, being blessed with a slight dyspraxic tendency (and just being rubbish with my hands), the tying  and arrangement of scarves can be very stressful. I’ve never understood how people can just chuck a scarf on and in seconds it looks beautiful. I find myself doing feats of woollen origami and still looking awful. So my one winter essential is the simple snood. A scarf I don’t need to bother about arranging and can just whack on. I have a few that I’ve knitted myself and that makes me even happier because they are so easy to make and people are impressed when you are wearing something you’ve knitted yourself.

Spending so much time travelling between school sites and whaffing on when I’m there, I get really dry lips so another winter essential is a stick of Burt’s Bess lip balm.

Sadly my third winter essential, that I hope will only be essential for a few weeks, is a hat. Now I generally wear quite a lot of hats anyway, I have a head/face that suits a hat (Thankfully!) But this year it is essential because sadly yesterday I had an hair emergency and am now reduced to hiding my shame under a beanie. I have cut my own hair for seven years and I’ve never had an accident before, but yesterday I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t realise there wasn’t a guard/end on my clippers. So while the back of my hair is normally number six, there is now a rather large chunk at the back that is a zero.

 It looks awful and I feel awful. I never quite appreciated how much of my personality and confidence is wrapped up in what my hair looks like. *Sigh* Let’s hope for fast, Christmas growth.

Lex xx

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