Day 6: What have you been thankful for during your grief…?

We have been told time and again how beneficial being thankful is for our mentality and perspective. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude allows us the ability to remember and dwell in those things that aren’t as difficult as some areas of our lives. 

Asking someone what they are thankful for in their grief may seem like an odd question, and at times is impossible to answer. But if you are able to ponder the question, and wrestle with the answers, then our multifaceted grief can take on another level. It’s not reaching a place of “acceptance”, but it is looking back at a grief journey thus far and considering what, amidst the anguish, we can be thankful for.

While I have been grieving, I have been thankful for…

  • Family
  • Good friends
  • Being able to write
  • Music
  • The cinema
  • God’s love
  • My faith
  • Ben 
  • Jerry
  • The beach
  • Hills
  • Water
  • My beloved
  • Children
  • New life 
  • Healing 

Lex xx


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