Blogmas Day 2: Inner Child (McDonalds, 2020)…

It is a bit weird to think that at the heart of Christmas and indeed the entire Christian faith hinges on the birth of a child, isn’t it? A baby unable to do anything for himself, incapable of feeding himself, holding his own head up, who once would have laughed at peekaboo was the long awaited and prayed for Messiah.

We were all once those babies, useless, incapable and inherently wonderful babies. And even when we grow up, even when we’re grumpy teenagers like the boy in this advert, the inherently wonderful created nature of that baby still lives inside each of us.

Perhaps that is the very reason that the incarnation needed to happen the way it did. For the wonderful, created nature in each of us, for the inner child in each of us, to take notice the Messiah needed to be like us.

And sometimes we do miss it, we ignore the beauty of the baby boy in the manger because we’re too grown up, too busy, too weighed down with the weight of the world, and maybe just a bit too grumpy. But every Christmas is the chance for our inner child to notice again, the baby boy who is just like us, and is God with us.

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 2: Inner Child (McDonalds, 2020)…

  1. braddersmk2

    Lovely thoughts! 👌😊

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