Blogmas Day 4: Buster the Boxer (John Lewis, 2016)…

I feel a great affinity with Buster the Boxer, I think we both have a tendency to some over excitement and perhaps jumping the gun a little bit. In the advert the trampoline, this perfect gift, wasn’t entirely meant for Buster, or indeed the other woodland critters, but they did get their first, and blimey did they enjoy it?!

For me, Buster and all the other little fluffies who have a bounce on the trampoline are like the shepherds and the wisemen. This promised gift, this expected messiah was big news for the Israelites. They knew the history, they were the chosen people, so good upstanding religiously observant Jews should be first in line to see the baby right?

Except, no, that isn’t what happened, we know the story all too well. Some roughty tufty, smelly and probably a bit sweary shepherds were personally invited down from the hills to come and see the baby, to witness this gift first. Then who joined them? Foreigners! People who weren’t even from here saw the signs, understood what they meant and knew where to look.

And that is the whole point isn’t it. This long awaited gift, this promised Messiah is a gift for absolutely everyone, regardless of who they are, where they came from, what they believed and what other people thought of them. Just like that trampoline, this baby boy, Jesus was a gift that everybody would love.

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 4: Buster the Boxer (John Lewis, 2016)…

  1. chiedza4

    Soo good Lex! Well written!

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