Blogmas Day 11: Moz the Monster (John Lewis, 2017)…

A lot of people get told not to be afraid in the Christmas story. Mary, the shepherds all told not to be scared when they are suddenly faced with the slightly terrifying sight of angels giving them alarming news.

Moz the monster is scary to start with. He’s alarming to look at and is suddenly just there under the little boys bed- it is a bit scary! But everything else about Moz, who he is and the fact that he just wanted to be friends with the boy who’s bed he lived under is really not scary. At all.

You can perhaps understand why the people in the nativity were just a little bit afraid, Mary told she is expecting a miracle child, the shepherds greeted by a sky full of angles and sung down from the hills. Things that don’t happen every day, and things if we’re honest that might seem just a touch scary.

 The world’s a scary place, there is much to alarm and unsettle us. There is darkness all over the place, and if we let it, it could all just get a bit overwhelming.

But we are told, as Mary and the shepherds are told, multiple times in the Christmas story- do not be afraid. Jesus is the light of the world, he is the gift that will brighten up our world. Even though the events of Jesus’ birth might seem unsettling, even though our world looks dark and scary at first glance, those who walked in darkness have seen a great light.

This Advent, we have nothing to be afraid of.

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One thought on “Blogmas Day 11: Moz the Monster (John Lewis, 2017)…

  1. braddersmk2

    ….would correct “sky full of angles…..” though….. Just sayin’
    Good blog!

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