Brave new world…

So over this weekend, while staying with a friend’s family in Cheltenham (we went to whole Foods, how ridiculously exciting?!), I have begun the wonderfully exciting task of getting myself set up for the brave new world of being a published author. I know it’s many months away yet, but time has a habit of marching on and I want to be ready and I’d love it if you were all ready too. So, my favourite reader, take my hand and skip with me into the future…

You can now keep up with the latest news book-wise on Facebook or Twitter by following the links on the right hand side of this page. And as well as news I will be posting about articles, trying to facilitate discussions and generally speaking about all things bereavement; so head on over there if that floats your boat and takes your fancy.

The other ridiculously exciting thing that has happened this week is that I have officially become a .com! Yes Siree, it is now much easier to locate this blog, woo and indeed hoo! All the same blogging gold, with a new simpler address:

I hope you’re as excited about my techno advances as I am and if you’re not, remember what your mum always said and don’t say anything at all if it’s not nice!

Lex xx

P.s. Much love and thanks go to my friend Kate Pellereau who has been my PR/techno advisor this weekend, she herself is a blogger, if using technology in a variety of educational contexts is your bag then take a look.

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