Day 14: 26 Things That Make Me Happy…

A: Auntyhood… I love being someone’s slightly mental auntie, it’s the best things I’ve ever been 

B: Bootcamp… I love crawling around in the mud

C: Cheese, of any variety other than blue. 

D: Driving

E: Ears, my ears. My ears and their additions. 

F: Films

G: God

H: Helping (Ooh that was twee wasn’t it?!) 

I: Ice cream

J: Jelly… I flipping love jelly. 

K: knitting 

L: Laughing. Simples.

M: Murder mysteries

N: Nigttime. When it’s bedtime and you get to sleep. 

O: Ovens… When I’m cooking in them or on them. 

P: Peanut butter- seriously the way to my heart. 

Q: Queuing… For something exciting

R: Reading… Currently ‘Billy & Me’ by Giovanna Fletcher

S: Smiling

T: Tattoos… Mine, other people’s.

U: Ukuleles 

V: Vans… And by that I mean VW campervans

W: Writing… Look I’m even doing it now, I’m happy! 

X: Xercise…. Ok that’s one cheating slightly! 

Y: YOU!! You’re probably my friend, you make me happy.

Z: Zzzzzzing… Do love my sleep, I’m headed that way soon. 

Nice and simple today

Lex xx

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