Day 31: Support Circles…

Sometimes, it can be comforting and healing to remember, that while someone you really want to be here may not be, there will still be lots of people in your circle who want to support you. And it can be helpful to place them in circles, giving you an idea of who you would go to if you needed support. 

It is a really cathartic exercise, thinking about the people still in your life who love you and are in your corner. And it can be fun to be creative and actually design your circles. So here are my support circles…

Support Circles

Today, I encourage everyone to have a think about their support circles, it might not just be for when you are grieving, it could be for these interesting times we currently live in- which many people have commented actually does fee a little bit like grief. 

Have a go, remind yourself of all the people that love or support you. 

Lex xx


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