Day 33: 10 Favourite Songs…

As with any of these top 10 prompts, this one is difficult! But since December compiling top 10s has become one of my favourite hobbies, so much so that my friend Kate got me a top 10 notebook with titles ready for me to list for Christmas. In February I was having drinks with friends and we got to top 10ing and we decided with these more complex ones (books,films,songs) what needs to happen is a regular list to see how they change, and its ok for things to move around. 

So for today, 22/03/15, here is my top 10 song list… it will change by Friday probably!!

Nature’s Law, Embrace. This song is beautiful and I have happy memories of singing this loudly to my ex boyfriend in Asda because he said he didn’t like the song. 

Like An Avalanche, Hillsong United: It is a rare tha a worship song sticks being something I could listen to at any time for years, this one has stayed the course. Its incredible.

Starry Eyed, Ellie Goulding: Ellie is the queen as far as I’m concerned and this was her first offering and it just reminds me of buying her first album and falling in love.

I write sins not tradegies, Panic! At The Disco: Back in the day when I was a wannabe emo kid, I fell hard for Panic at the disco. And even now this continues to be a favourite to run to. 

How To Save A Life, The Fray: It’s just beautiful really. 

Girl All The Bad Guys Want, Bowling For Soup: I fell in love with this song when I was about 10, I’m not over it yet.

Adele Medley, Alex Goot, Justin Robinett & Michael Henr: This is technically cheating, but these are all some of my favourite songs and this medley cover is A-Mah-Zing!!

Closet Thing To Crazy, Katie Melua: Do yourself a favour, see this woman live!! 

Love Is On The Radio, Mcfly: Ok, strictly, my favourite version of this is by Tom and Carrie Fletcher. They’re who I try to model my relationship with my brother on, Simon learn this please, I’ll sing. 

Diamonds And Waste, Kate McGill: I don’t even remember how I found this song, I think a young person told me to check Kate McGill out, glad i followed the advice. 

Titanium, David Guetta feat. Sia: This song is and will always be awesome. I once had a dream that we had to pick a song to be played as we graduated, I picked this. Shows the depth of my love.

We Found Love, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris: When I first heard this song, I knew I had just heard one of my all time faves. I can’t explain what it is about it, I just love it. Me and a friend used to play this in the car before uni to prepare us emotionally for lectures. This is on every single one of my workout playlists and if it comes on, even if I’ve run loads already and am dead on my feet, it makes me sprint. Turn it up, enjoy…


Lex xx

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